one year ago today I was so crushed by you I was invisible to casual sidewalk strollers, ground into the concrete, would never love again,
today if you were to land on my bare shoulder I wouldn’t even be able to feel the weight (i am so great) and maybe someone who loves me would brush you away

Anonymous asked:

You're no fool. You are divinity shrouded with skin. It doesn't matter who I am and I'm afraid it never will for I never stood a chance. You never even noticed me. Why are you mad at me? If anything it's enraging to be in the presence of and bare witness to perfection incarnate and be at arm's length. Skin of diamonds, eyes of stars, lips of life and hair like oceans and I'm just an idiot. Don't hate me.

what is this i can’t believe it

Anonymous asked:

What would I even say if I did, though? Hey, it's me and I've been madly enthralled by you from the moment we met but too much of a coward to follow through? You don't just stumble dumb and blind before a goddess and expect to survive her flawless radiance.

i am a fool and i don’t know who u are but i’m mad at u