• i drift into my own thoughts after a few minutes of talking with even my closest friends, about things i care about
  • i can’t fall asleep if anyone in the house has the tv or a light on
  • i wake up at 3am to do my work because it’s the only time of day there is a lack of distractions big enough for me to work for more than 3 minutes at a time
  • almost every assignment i do brings me to tears 
  • school brings me to tears weekly because i know with all these problems i’m never going to be able to accomplish the degree i need to have my dream job
  • i try to talk to my mom about what i’ve been too scared to admit for years, that i may have some sort of learning disability
  • immediately get accused of just wanting drugs
  • really glad i opened up

summer 2014: 
-take 6 credits, total 36
-get at least a 3.5
-try and work way up to becoming a server
-try and have 5k saved up by end of summer
-turn 19, smile at all you accomplished at 18

fall 2014:
-take 12 credits, total 48
-study hard, get at least a 3.5
-try and save 1-2k this semester, and every season from now on

winter 2014:
-make a quilt of all your old t-shirts, something so warm it’ll remind you of florida
-try and get a recommendation letter from a professor

spring 2015:
-take your final 12 credits. pass them all. graduate with a 3.5.
-send in your application to UMASS Boston.
-gather things for life on your own. advice, appliances, sweatshirts.

summer 2015:
-say goodbye to your family, your coworkers, your friends, the palm trees, and the sun.
-work your ass off saving money until your flight leaves the ground
-move in with johnna in Massachusetts 
-find a new job

fall 2015:
-start classes at UMB
-start spending all your money on bills and coffee
-start your fucking life