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You're no fool. You are divinity shrouded with skin. It doesn't matter who I am and I'm afraid it never will for I never stood a chance. You never even noticed me. Why are you mad at me? If anything it's enraging to be in the presence of and bare witness to perfection incarnate and be at arm's length. Skin of diamonds, eyes of stars, lips of life and hair like oceans and I'm just an idiot. Don't hate me.

what is this i can’t believe it

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What would I even say if I did, though? Hey, it's me and I've been madly enthralled by you from the moment we met but too much of a coward to follow through? You don't just stumble dumb and blind before a goddess and expect to survive her flawless radiance.

i am a fool and i don’t know who u are but i’m mad at u

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I'm so into you it hurts. If only I had the courage to brush against your light and utter but a word. Your words astound and your beauty confounds. You've got the sort of grace, loveliness and fierceness only expected from large cats and it's intense. One doesn't run into a tigress and remain unscathed, I suppose.

this is wild, txt me

Lightbulbs on the front porch burning out because they were left on all night like lighthouses - but I was busy sending SOS symbols to strange men in bars.
Those nights you could see our father sweating like the glass of vodka in my shaking palm, and we were both playing with the condensation to try and keep ourselves calm.